La Hocha Project

  • Date: 07/JUL/2013
  • Division: Gen Sets
  • Location: Colombia

This project is at present in operation and has been designed to provide energy supply to a dam construction site and is located at an oil field with gas available, 5 Km away from the dam site.   The gen set assembly comprises eighteen (18) CETEC gen set CGND 505 model with a max. output of 400 Kw, each driven by Doosan GV 222 TI engine and assembled inside a sound proof enclosure fit for outdoor operation featuring COMAP InteliGen NT central command units. Gen sets configuration to operate in parallel with each other under MINT mode. The gen set assembly system is controlled from a load dispatch room via a PC with an MU interphase module and InteliMonitor application-specific software.







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