Switch Boards

Switch Boards

Centralized Digital Switch Board- InteliLite AMF 25 NT / Inteligen NT / Intelivision 5
Control unit for automatic switch transfer


Microprocessor controller unit specially designed for generator sets. Programmable for multiple configurations.

1280 x 64 pixels LCD display or 320×240 pixels 5.7″ color display with internal light & several data screens, direct programming functions from keyboard or via PC through RS232 port.
 Ample working temperature range: -30°C /+70°C.
Protection rating IP56.

Stand by power systems for critical applications

– Control unit for automatic parallel and for switch-transfer
– Closed transition back to utility grid
– Peak Shaving (consumption peak reduction)
– Closed transition transfer for scheduled energy outage

Switch Boxes

Generator set switch box series is designed to operate with the automatic centralized controller InteliLite AMF 25.

3-pole contactors fit for the generator set power with mechanical and electrical interlocking system between contactor coils. Easy access to terminals provided for power connection and interface connection to logic controlling unit.

This module is for switching power between utility grid and the operating generator set. Switchgear is a 3-pole isolator switch with three positions:

1- Utility grid to load / or Fully Disconnected
2.- Generator set to load
The transfer switchgear is operated by a single motor with a built-in interlocking system and it can also be manually driven with a removable handle.
Easy access to terminals for power connection and interface connection to logic controlling unit.


* Motor operated switches
* Four-pole systems
* Special applications

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