YPF: “Strategic Agreement Signed with Cetec Sudamericana”

YPF GAS | With the aim of boosting our delivery of services to bulk LPG business and to promote better alternatives to crop irrigation and power generation, YPG GAS is seeking strategic partnerships with first rank suppliers to develop energy solutions with added value to our customers. Focused on providing our customers with energy solutions […]

Journey of Business Approach

Last Friday, May 3, a new Business Approach Workshop was held in our facilities at the Sucre Plant. We have the presence of CEOS, Directors and Owners of the main companies of the Construction sector at the national level. The theme on this occasion was “Compressed Air: Energy Source, safe, fast and sustainable.” After the […]

Cetec present in the mega project of Paseo del Bajo

With a total cost of US $ 700 million -340 were financed by the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) -, it will connect the Illia and Buenos Aires-La Plata highways for seven kilometers. Once finished, cars and trucks will no longer go through the same arteries: heavy traffic will run along the new stretch of highway, […]

Cetec present at the first sustainable airport in the country

Comodoro Rivadavia uses 25% less energy than a traditional airport. The work generated 460 direct and 1,150 indirect jobs. Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 inaugurated in Comodoro Rivadavia the first sustainable terminal in the country. The Patagonian airport is the only one in the country that has a LEED-certified terminal (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) that […]

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