HDT Line - Made in: Italy

When the air quality applied in different industries requires a dew point of less than 3ºC (which guarantees a refrigeration cycle dryer), a non-heat adsorption dryer is necessary which can guarantee a dew point of up to -70ºC.

Technical details

The spool valves in aluminum are extremely simple and reliable. Each column is equipped with a safety valve. The correct operation of the dryer is controlled by the two meters perfectly visible, present in each column. The dryers are supplied with a filter separator input 0.01 micron (with automatic drainage) and an anti-dust of 1 micron at the outlet.
The silencers , positioned on the bottom of the dryer, are easily accessible for disassembly and / or replacement.
The lower lid facilitates the discharge of the spent desiccant and the top lid facilitates the replacement of the desiccant material.
The regeneration hole ensures constant and uniform flows in the two driving directions. Easily replaceable in case of different operating conditions. The molecular sieve withstands high inlet temperatures and does not deteriorate in contact with water.


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