Our History
The origin of our company is a family startup in the city of Llavallol, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With our core values as guide, CETEC started to walk its way in the local industry. As we walked through, our values have been confirmed as Cetec’s differentiating attributes to become a leading company expanding to the region.

From the very first unit manufactured, our products have been developed stressing our commitment to the local industry and its worldwide expansion. We believe every part makes up the whole. For that reason, we are constantly striving to achieve the optimization of energy as an industrial resource.

Key to our success is our approach considering each and every component of a compressor or generator set is relevant. CETEC’s engineers and technicians apply concepts from cutting edge technologies.

Cetec Sudamericana SA
Worldwide the industrial applications demand reliable energy to continue evolving; CETEC is highly experienced in the development of generator sets, compressors and pneumatic tools for different applications. Our products are completely manufactured in our country applying international state-of-the-art technology.

The commitment to provide the best quality in energy has been the bright light that prompted us to start up this family business. Today CETEC’s philosophy is recognized and highly valued in the industry and is also certified by the International Organization for Standardization
For more than 45 years CETEC has been providing an answer to every local and regional industrial applications. Now, the family has become bigger. We are engineers, technicians, administrative personal who give our best everyday: our energy.

Worldwide the industrial applications demand for reliable energy will keep on growing to allow continue evolving.

CETEC has this energy.

Each technical variable in the development and manufacture of our units is considered under sound mathematical analysis, as each variable is intrinsically related to the operational and performance requirements of each unit. We apply the same proficiency to understand the fluctuations in our domestic economy. We have always had the energy necessary to answer steadily.

Our business philosophy is well known in the industry and in the year 2006, we were recognized proudly obtaining the ISO 9001/2008 certification.


Unquestionable warranty on the quality of our products and services. This ISO certification is a strengthening stimulus to continue optimizing energy, as an industrial resource, and providing our technical-commercial assistance through a highly qualified professional team, as the perfect complement.

Our Structure
At CETEC, we turn difficult issues into simple solutions. The secret behind this is: our experienced engineers and technicians researching in cutting-edge technologies to optimize the performance of each and every unit. And at the same time, the proven knowledge of our technical-commercial personnel simplifying the decision making process of our customers. These values allow us to produce at our rated capacity in our 193.000 sq.ft. industrial facility all with the dedicated effort of a Commercial and Administrative management team from our offices in Lomas de Zamora, Province of Buenos Aires.


Now we are expanding, with the opening of our Branch at Eugenio Perticone 617 (province of Neuquén – Patagonia – Argentina) to answer the needs and demands of a province with intensive Oil & Gas activity and of the Patagonia region to deliver a faster answer to our customers in the region.  We are delivering beyond our frontiers; conquering the Latin American market is a goal already showing progress with positive results attained with the installation of CETEC´s products in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.


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