Open Skid Gas Gen Sets


DOOSAN (formerly DAEWOO)
Man licensed
Made in: Korea
Altronic ignition system.
Varifuel IMPCO 200m Fuel System
Woodward Speed Control

Gen set

3-phase. 12 lead multi-power Single bearing (Maintenance free for 30000 hrs.) Brushless excitation system with electronic voltage regulator, +/-1% accuracy. Distortion: less than 5%. Class H insulation, four pole, self- ventilated Protection rating IP23 with IP44 rating for connection box.

  • Low-maintenance silver/calcium battery rack
  • Gas inlet pressure regulator
  • Gas cut-off valve
  • Automatic thermomagnetic circuit breaker – overloads and short-circuit protected.
  • Exhaust muffler.
  • Switch module
  • Block heating system
  • Static battery charger
  • Automatic parallel system (turnkey installation)
50 Hz Models

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60 Hz Models

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